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Photo of a person wearing assistive goggles. The background is black and white.


Assistive technology, often referred to as “A.T.,” includes just about anything – that is, any physical material or object – that makes it easier for a person to perform a task.  Explore the world of A.T. with CIL's Assistive Technology Program.

Photo of two people in wheelchairs.


One-on-one consultations with our Assistive Technology Coordinator help you determine which mobility, hearing, communication or vision devices are best for you. 

Photo of Hippocampe Beach Wheelchair.


Shop for assistive technology products from companies like WHILL, Invacare, and Motion Composites!

Photo of a driving simulator.


Practice driving with adaptive hand controls on this simulator before you get out on the road! Visit our Berkeley office or contact us for more information.

Photo of Hippocampe Beach Wheelchair.


We put assistive technology products to the test on CIL's assistive tech review show, Power On.

For more information about CIL's Assistive Technology Program, contact:

The Assistive Technology Team or 510-841-4776

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