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Photo of three CIL staff on a beach, one of whom is in a beach wheelchair.


Our Coastal Connections Youth Program (CCYP) aims to engage youth with disabilities in regional public transit travel training including the coastal areas of the Bay Area. This program also seeks to develop their self-advocacy and environmental stewardship skills, while exploring the cultural enjoyment of accessible parks and beaches.


The Coastal Connections Youth Program is a six week quarterly cohort program, where students will meet once a week to develop different transportation and cultural independent living skill sets:


Week 1: Introduction & Travel Safety Workshop

Week 2: Field Trip & Nature Walk

Week 3: Trip Planning Workshop

Week 4: Field Trip & Beach Cleanup

Week 5: Self-Advocacy Workshop

Week 6: Reflection Presentation & Ceremony! 


We will be partnering with East Bay Regional Park District to bring disabled students to different East Bay coastal regions, experience an educational coastal roll and walk as well as a beach clean up. If you are interested in this program, please fill out our sign-up form below.

Drawing of three people cleaning up trash.
Drawing of five people cleaning up trash.
Drawing of two people cleaning up trash.
Drawing of three visibly disabled people.
Drawing of two people cleaning up trash with a dog.

Coastal Connections funded by:

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For more information about CIL's Coastal Connections Youth Program, contact:

Ash Alunan

Youth Program Coordinator or contact CIL at 510-422-5046

Photo of Ash Alunan.
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