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Fox Machado

Caregiver Support & Advocacy Coordinator




Fox is Bay Area born and raised, coming up in leftist queer punk circles of the East Bay. They began organizing and volunteering in liberation movements as a teenager. Most of their experience is in mutual aid and advocacy for queer and trans youth, Indigenous liberation, and Black liberation. Fox has been engaging in entrepreneurial ventures in various spheres since they were young and pursued education at Berklee College of Music out of Boston for Creative Entrepreneurship & Songwriting. When their decade-long disability worsened, Fox took a break from building a career in the music industry to lean deeper into their passion for creating care-centered spaces of initiation and softness for Trans, GNC, and disabled people across intersections. This shift also led them to canvassing and communications for local anti-racism organizations, further organizing mutual aid in the Bay Area, and assisting in facilitating trauma-informed transformative spaces and anti-racism work focused in queer communities. In their free time, they have their hands full training a rescue pup named Selvaggio (Gio) to be their service dog. They’re happiest curled up in the sun with their partner and dog near ocean, ferns, and redwoods (accompanied by lots of snacks.)

How did you get involved with the Independent Living Movement?

Growing up with people close to me who were severely disabled, then becoming disabled myself. Being involved in the IL movement began and continues to be an act of love for myself and my community.

Fun Facts

  • I'm a trained vocalist and songwriter.

  • I'm Sicilian and Azorean, I love cooking when I have the energy!

  • I have a german shepherd mix named Gio, even when he's not with me his hair is.

Fox Machado
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