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PG&E and Public Safety Power Shut Offs

  • PSPS: When wind and environmental conditions present a danger to health, life, and safety, Pacific Gas & Electric may issue a PSPS (Public Safety Power Shut Off) for certain areas. If you live in this zone, your power may be shut off for 48 hours or more. Contact CIL’s Emergency Preparedness team to learn more, and to sign up for PSPS alerts with your address.

  • Medical Baseline: PG&E’s Medical Baseline Program is a financial assistance program offered to PG&E consumers who depend on power for certain medical needs, such as for charging power chairs, or operating hemodialysis machines or respirators and CPAP machines. The Medical Baseline Program helps consumers keep their energy costs low despite life-saving devices that might use a large amount of power.

  • Apply for PG&E’s Medical Baseline Program here, or reach out to CIL’s Emergency Preparedness staff for support with your application or FAQs.

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