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CIL at OAK Airport

Updated: Oct 23

Happy October! In case you missed it, CIL worked with local artists, photographers, and muralists to put together exhibits in the Oakland International Airport to highlight disability figures in the past, present, and future.

We have two photo displays in the Bayview Corridor of Terminal 2 featuring photos by Ken Stein, Banners with Artwork from Artist Charles Blackwell in Southwest's baggage claim, Ed Monroe and Neil Marcus' The 504 Rehabilitation Act Disability Rights Mural, and a "Disability is Strength" mural.

For more information about each of the exhibits, please click on the arrow next to each of the exhibit names below.

"Disability is Strength – Desabilidad es Fuerza" Mural

Charles Blackwell Banner

Ed Monroe and Neil Marcus' "The 504 Rehabilitation Act Disability Rights" Mural

"Equal Dignity without Discrimination" Photo Exhibit by Ken Stein

"Building An Accessible World" Photo Exhibit by Ken Stein

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