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Disability in the Workplace Panel at UC Berkeley

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Last week, TheCIL presented a panel at the UC Berkeley Career Center, discussing how a disability can be considered an asset in the workplace. Panelists included diversity officers, hiring managers, disability activists, and people with disabilities with competitive employment.

Five Panelists speak to a large crowd

Thanks to the Cal Career Center and Ricardo Flores for hosting this great discussion that allowed the audience to respond to questions in real time using their smart phones.


Shayna Steinfeld, Technical Recruiter, Pinterest

Sunday Parker, Accessibility Evangelist, User Experience, Salesforce

Josh Halstead, Senior Designer/Educator

Stuart, Executive Director, TheCIL

Will Butler, VP of Community, Be My Eyes

Cynthia Le, University Recruiting Campus Manager, NVIDIA

Panel discussion topics will included why companies are seeking to hire individuals with disabilities, how having a disability can be an advantage in the workplace, personal experience with hiring employees with disabilities as well as experiences being a person with a disability seeking and obtaining competitive employment.

Panelist Will Butler speaks to an audience member

This panel was a collaboration between The Center for Independent Living, Inc (TheCIL), UC Berkeley and local business leaders with disabilities that discusses how a disability can be considered an asset in the workplace.


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