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Finding Affordable, Accessible Housing in the Bay Area

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

On Thursday, February 11 at 10 AM on Zoom, we talked to three experts in housing about the housing crisis, what to look for when conducting a housing search, new housing opportunities available, and more when it comes to people with a disability in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our panelists were:

Janet Brown is a housing consultant here at TheCIL and provides our consumers with the resources and skills they need to find adequate housing.

Stephen Beard is a realtor and accessibility specialist of The Beard Realty Team at Keller Williams Realty - Oakland with a knack for finding folks housing that suits their needs and taking advantage of special programs for people with disabilities and first-time homeowners.

Teela Carpenter is the Assistant Director of the @Oakland Housing Authority’s Leased Housing Department and has some important info about the Mainstream Voucher program, which can get low-income folks with disabilities into a home on the cheap.

And finally, moderating the panel will be our own Jocelyn Mapp, a receptionist and I&R specialist with a passion for getting folks in our community the help they need the most.

If you have any questions for our panelists, here is their contact information:

Janet Brown: (510) 841-4776 |

Stephen Beard: 510-364-6795 |

Teela Carpenter:


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