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John Benson

Residential Access Coordinator


I worked for Easy Does It Emergency Services for the Berkeley Disability Community from its inception in the early '90s until 2020. I helped with the Measure E campaign, which passed in '95 funding this service and remained most of its budget. I created the Emergency Repair service within this .org, which Repaired Wheelchairs and other Durable Medical Equipment (DME).

How did you get involved with the Independent Living Movement?

I moved to Berkeley to attend U.C. Berkeley in 1987 and immediately became involved in this vibrant community. I made deep friendships and helped work on many community projects right away and continue to this day.

Fun Facts

  • I have played in bands which have toured and put out albums.

  • I love to cook for large groups of people.

  • I have lived in collective housing most of my life and love group efforts.

John Benson
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