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I love art and want to make art my life. I like designing posters, websites, taking photos, editing, jewelry making, collage making, etc. I also want to become more involved in my local community in anyway possible and having art be included in that would be sick!

How did you get involved with the Independent Living Movement?

I decided to get more involved with disability rights after I found myself, a physically disabled individual, unable to perform regular tasks at my job. I had to be an advocate for myself, and I want to be able to advocate for others. There is much work to be done when it comes to accessibility and I'm very interested in being apart of that work. 

Fun Facts

  • Fun fact: I love strawberries. Fresh, in smoothies, on waffles, I even have a tattoo of a strawberry. They're just so cute! 

  • I'm into a lot of things really, anything that involves creativity. I love music and going to shows, I love painting or sketching or collaging, I love roller skating and skate boarding. I call myself a jack of all trades but master of none.

Rose McElroy
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