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Learn about the Center for Independent Living, the first Independent Living Center in the country.

Center for Independent Living?

Founded in 1972, The Center for Independent Living (CIL) was the first independent living center in the country and the nation’s first disability rights advocacy group organized and operated by persons with disabilities. CIL became the center of the emerging independent living movement, based on the principle that people with disabilities are entitled to the same civil rights, options, and control over choices in their lives as people without disabilities.

For over fifty years, we have provided advocacy, programming and services for people with diverse disabilities; who are non-ambulatory or have reduced mobility; visual and hearing impairment; cognitive, psychiatric, and neurological disabilities; chronic illness; and reduced capacity due to aging.

CIL's CORE Services are the programs that our organization was founded upon, including advocacy, counseling, housing assistance, and information and referral services. Since the organization’s birth 50 years ago, our programs have expanded to include Assistive Technology, Residential Access, Emergency Preparedness and Resiliency, Transportation Training, Living Well (Peer Counseling for Seniors), Youth Programs, and more!

Black & white photo of two people crossing a street, holding a large banner that reads "Center for Independent Living Berkeley"

Alameda County ADRC 

California Aging & Disability Resource Connection Logo

CIL is part of Alameda County ADRC. The Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) initiative is designed to streamline access to long-term care. The ADRC program supports State efforts to develop “one-stop shop” centers in local communities that help older adults and individuals with disabilities make informed decisions about their service and support options and serve as the single point of entry to the long-term care system.


Meet Our Team

Photo of Huong Nguyen.


Sherri Rita

Board of Directors


3075 Adeline Street, Suite 100
Berkeley, CA. 94703

Photo of the Ed Roberts Campus building.

1470 Fruitvale Avenue
Oakland, CA. 94601

Photo of the Spanish Speaking Citizens' Foundation building.
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