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Photo of two people in wheelchairs. The background is black and white.


Our Community Connections (CoCo) team will help you gain the skills to confidently and independently navigate the San Francisco Bay Area.

Travel train virtually:

On your own:

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With an instructor:

Image of a person in a virtual meeting sharing their screen of the AC trip planner website, with a map of Berkeley and Oakland, and a trip plan from 3075 Adeline st to AC Transit and Clipper customer service center.

COVID-19 Travel Safety Resource Packets are out!

Our downloadable resource packets will teach you how to travel more safely on public transportation amidst COVID-19. The packets include presentations, interactive worksheets, and fun activities for all. We offer our packets in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Photo of a person in a power wheelchair getting on an AC Transit bus.
Photo of a travel guide and a person in a wheelchair looking at a map.


CIL dedicates our Community Connections program to ensuring our consumers more safely navigate through the San Francisco Bay Area using public transportation independently.


Each travel coach is passionate about being your trusted guide.  Your coach will work closely with you to gain the skills and confidence to independently navigate the San Francisco Bay Area using public transportation.

Photo of a travel training guide in Alameda helping a consumer.

Community Connections funded by:

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Two wheelchair users facing each other by the water.


With CIL’s 1-on-1 Training, you’ll learn to:

  • Access AC Transit and BART

  • Master specific routes of your choice

  • Apply for discounted transit cards

  • Plan trips using trip planner applications

  • Safely use a mobility device

  • Travel through all kinds of weather

Photo of four people at a table in a restaurant. Two of the people are in wheelchairs.


Join CIL for our​​ Wheelchair Marking and Tether Strap Program (WMTSP) with AC Transit!

WMTSP is a program that supports users in safely using AC transit.

Photo of two people in wheelchairs by the water looking at the San Francisco skyline.

Workshops PackagE

Join our COVID-19 Workshops Package and gain access to: 

  • COVID-19 Travel Safety Workshop

  • Trip Planning Workshop

  • Independent Scavenger Hunt Activities

  • Travel Advocacy Forum Invitation

  • In-Person Travel Excursion

Photo of three CIL staff on a beach by the water. One of the staff members is in a beach wheelchair.


Our Coastal Connections Youth Program (CCYP) is a six week program to teach youth with disabilities:

  • How to use public transit to Bay Area coastal environments

  • Environmental stewardship by attending a beach cleanup

  • Self-advocacy and leadership skills

"Before this program, I didn’t know how to maneuver around places using my wheelchair without another companion. My travel training coach, Catherine pushes me to do new things, like cycling, which I fell in love with and will continue to do.  Because of her, I am now able to navigate on my own with confidence. "

Photo of two people in wheelchairs.

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For more information about CIL's Community Connections Program, contact:


Natalie Maxwell

Transportation Specialist or contact CIL at 510-841-4776



Ciara Lovelace

Independent Living Counselor or contact CIL at 510-841-4776

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