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Photo of four people talking. One person is in a wheelchair. The background is black and white.


CIL was founded on collective action and activism. We aim to carry on this foundational spirit by continuing to fight for disability justice and pursue equitable accessibility in all facets of our community by breaking stigma and raising expectations. 

Some local and statewide issues our advocacy team is currently focusing on include:

  • Affordable and accessible housing and transportation

  • Emergency and disaster preparedness

  • Long-term/In-home support and services

  • Intersections of environmental, social and disability justice

What are issues you are worried about or care about? 

Black and white photo of people in wheelchairs protesting.


Here are ways you and I can enact larger systems changes:


We better our communities through these services:

Photo of a person in a wheelchair talking to a group of people indoors.
Photo of a person in a wheelchair bowling.


Do you want to take control of your own life and influence the community around you? We offer:

Interested in any trainings or services?

Community Voices Bulletin Board

Our Blog

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For more information about CIL's Advocacy Program,
please contact our:

Advocacy Team

or contact CIL at 510-841-4776

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