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Perspectives On Display

Our panels and webinars show what disability in competitive employment can really look like. We bring a variety of CEOs, diversity & inclusion officers, recruiters, and employees together to discuss their narratives of disability employment and to answer questions. Sharing real experiences and having authentic conversations, our panelists help you see yourself in the world of employment and offer advice on how to best transition into work life after school. 

Photo of a panel of five speakers in front of an audience.


Check Back Soon!
We are working to put together more great events.

Past Events

Disability and Employment: Seeing Yourself in the Competitive Workplace 

Fresh perspectives and insights on the intersection of disability and employment, with discussion about real experiences of having a disability in competitive workplaces. 


  • Chris Williams - Stock Plan Administrator & Neurodiversity Community Global Co-Chair, Square

  • Eric M. Harris - Legislative Advocate, Disability Rights California

  • Jen Emira - PMP, Microsoft

  • Jennifer Stollman, PhD - Director of Consulting Services, Flexability

  • Tiffany Yu - CEO & Founder, Diversability

Partner With Us

Would you like to partner with us to produce a panel/webinar? Do you want to join as a panelist for a future event? Our programs grow through connections, so naturally we would love to hear from you.

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For more information, reach the Accelerate team below. 

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Camiel Silvas

Youth Program Coordinator

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