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Individual Emergency and Resiliency Planning

How will I get out of my house safely during an evacuation warning? Where are my back-up medications? Who will I call to let them know I’m safe after a disaster? How do I run my CPAP machine and charge my wheelchair during a power outage? Will my Service Animal be okay during an emergency?


All of these questions and more can be really important parts to your individual/household emergency plan. As a Listos Partner and Disability Disaster Access and Resources Center (DDARC), CIL offers 1-on-1 Emergency and Resiliency Planning for cross-disability communities and older adults in order to increase individual readiness in times of disaster or power shut-offs. 1-on-1 Emergency and Resiliency Planning is a person-centered process that takes into account each person’s identities, location, access needs, and unique resources, and is peer-led, meaning it’s emergency planning by people with disabilities, alongside people with disabilities. CIL also has starter emergency kits for our communities to kickstart their emergency preparedness journey! We can help you plan and strategize what to put in your kit to keep you and your family safe and ready.  


Sign up for an Individual Emergency Planning session with CIL Staff here.

Interested in getting started on your own? You can begin creating your plan today! Download an individual/household emergency plan template here.

For more information about CIL's Emergency Preparedness Program, contact:

510-841-4776 or Video Phone for the Deaf at 510-356-2662

Or contact:


Sheela Gunn-Cushman

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

510-841-4776 ext. 3190

Henry Maeko

Emergency Preparedness Outreach and Training Coordinator

510-841-4776 ext. 3195

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