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Motion Composites Helio C2

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From frame to materials to componentry, every detail of the Helio C2 is optimized to help you go farther. Motion Composites has ratcheted up performance and brought down weight so you actually expend less energy to propel the Helio C2. Result? You gain in mobility while reducing the risk of chronic shoulder and joint injuries. 

The Helio C2’s innovative engineering begins with its symmetrical crossbrace and one-piece side frame. This reduces weight and distributes forces equally throughout the frame for superior energy transfer and propulsion efficiency. And, with a vertical axle plate to shave even more grams and decrease wheel flex, you gain further dividends in energy efficiency. 
So whether you’re pushing it forward or lifting it into a car trunk, the Helio C2 means more freedom. 

Photo of Motion Composites Helio C2.

Interested in a Motion Composites Helio C2?

Photo of two people in wheelchairs.
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