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Peer Ambassador Program

CIL’s Emergency Preparedness and Resiliency Peer Ambassador Program engages, educates, and empowers people with disabilities and seniors to learn comprehensive emergency preparedness, response, and recovery skills, and bring that knowledge back into their unique communities. Our Peer Ambassador Program uses a peer-based, train-the-trainer model to first teach a two-month emergency readiness, response, and recovery education series, as well as public speaking, community organizing, and leadership skills. Next, the program provides support and technical assistance to our Ambassadors in designing and planning diverse and creative projects related to Emergency Management. Finally, Ambassadors integrate their projects back into their communities and track engagement, success, and impact of their unique projects. Our Peer Ambassador program has options for Ambassadors to participate for 6, 12, or 18 months, depending on capacity and interest. 


CIL compensates each Peer Ambassador $250/month for each month enrolled and actively participating in our program. As part of their program commitments, Peer Ambassadors are expected to attend initial education and training sessions, engage in bi-weekly (twice per month) meetings, and complete a relevant emergency/disaster-related project(s) in their community. Peer Ambassadors will also provide a final write-up that discusses the impact of their project, milestones, and critical things they have learned as being an Ambassador. 


CIL’s Peer Ambassador program is set to launch our first cohort of Peer Ambassadors in July of 2023. Are you interested in learning new emergency preparedness, community organizing, and leadership skills, and bringing that knowledge back to your communities? Do you want to get paid for your work and unique contributions to peer-led emergency management? Join us!


Apply for CIL’s Peer Ambassador Program Here


Note: new cohorts begin every six months, starting in July of 2023, January of 2024, and July of 2024.

For more information about CIL's Emergency Preparedness Program, contact:

510-841-4776 or Video Phone for the Deaf at 510-356-2662

Or contact:


Sheela Gunn-Cushman

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

510-841-4776 ext. 3190

Henry Maeko

Emergency Preparedness Outreach and Training Coordinator

510-841-4776 ext. 3195

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