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Alexander Sing

Information and Referral Specialist




I received my Associate's Degree in American Sign Language, Bachelor's, and Master's in Media and Communications.

How did you get involved with the Independent Living Movement?

Without working at CIL, I don't think I would have totally learned to accept myself and identify as a person with a disability.

Before working at CIL, I did not have much idea, nor education, about the Independent Living Movement. I only heard about CIL once and attended a couple of youth meetings as a teenager. I was not interested at the time. I identified as a person with a disability, but I did not hang out with too many disabled folks (who identified as that) growing up. However, my best friend in college who worked at CIL in 2012 as a youth mentor told me there was a job opening. I applied and got hired. Over the years, I've been a youth mentor, travel trainer, information and referral specialist/receptionist, content creator, and assistive technology and information and referral specialist. 

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Animals: I love dogs, lions, tigers, giraffes, and elephants. Those creatures are my favorite. However, honestly, I enjoy animals that are cuddly and affectionate. Hence why I love dogs; they're my favorite!

  • I love attending modern musicals like Rent, Hamilton, Six, Rock of Ages, American Idiot, and more. For music in general, though, I like rock, pop, R&B, some hip-hop, classical, country. Honestly, I like anything with a good beat that I can tap my feet too, even if it's a slow song; I've learned the one thing I don't like is contemporary jazz or the type of jazz where it's total improvisation, and someone like me cannot follow along.

  • It's not necessarily a hobby, but my most favorite thing to do is hang out with friends and family. I love company. I love socializing

  • I like to watch drama, comedy, action, thriller, reality, and mystery TV shows and movies.

Alexander Sing
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